Zenshin Shotokan Karate Federation

We aim to provide each and every one of our students with self-confidence, greater health with increased fitness, as well as discipline. In essence, the skills to succeed within learning the traditional Martial Art form of Shotokan Karate.

This will be a personal journey to “better ones self” in moving forwards not backwards through life.

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Developing Practice

We will strive, through motivation and encouragement, to instill values such as self-control, discipline, self-respect and respect for others within our students. Visit our instructors page for more info!

Affordable Pricing

We offer flexible & reasonable pricing to ensure our quality lessons are easier to afford. Visit our pricing page to find out more!

Wide Range Of Teachings

We follow the practice of Dojo-Kun. We seek perfection of character, to be faithful, to always endeavour, to respect others and refrain from violent behaviour.

Friendly & Family-Run

We are a family friendly Karate club run by Sensei Andy Carter, a 6th Dan with over 29 years of experience in Karate having also studied Tai Chi and Weaponry.

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